Successful IELTS result – DO IT YOURSELF!


CANPASS is always on your side! To support every students who is now getting ready to take their IELTS, we are sharing access to the free resource. We believe that you “Can Pass” Academic IELTS  and get 6.0 or 6.5, the score that will secure admission to a Canadian college or university.

We know how important are your studies and how admirable is your goal to study abroad!  We appreciate the hard work and diligent investment of your time.

Exactly this type of attitude of our students, who focus on SELF-STUDIES at HOME, not only succeed in taking the language and the entrance assessment tests, leading to the education in Canada, but also safe their money for the time when they are in Canada.

Don’t delay – this free online course starts 13 February 2017.  It is very liked by our students because they can do it at their own pace. It is proven to be a great addition to their other methods of studying for this test. It is also very useful if you are working on a particular skill our of 4 tested in IELTS.

Just give us your Like, share this post or simply message us on FB or VK , and the link to a 6-week IELTS preparation course is YOURS!