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English or French? What are the minimum language requirements? What factors should be considered?

Given your starting language level, goals and budget, CANPASS will arrange the best accredited language course for you – in either official language!

We work hard to offer a customized language program that will best meet your personal needs. While individual programs differ, one common fact prevails: being completely immersed in the language and culture quickly improves your oral language skills, pronunciation, and written communication faster than any language courses back home! Guaranteed!

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According to Times’ Higher Education Ranking, Canadian universities are ranked among the top 100 universities across the globe. Canada has one of the best education systems in the world.

A Canadian Diploma or Degree provides an unbeatable advantage during your journey to find a job and gain permanent status in Canada.

CANPASS is partnered with carefully selected and researched Canadian universities and colleges and can help you make the best decision based on your needs.

Even if you are an experienced professional in your field, a diploma, certificate, or degree obtained in Canada will remove any doubt a future employer may have about your qualifications.

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One year of confirmed Canadian work experience after graduating from a Canadian college or university is an important factor in determining the success of your application for a permanent residency in Canada.

CANPASS has a number of unique solutions which can help you earn up to $900 each month – all while you are studying, gaining experience and looking for a Canadian job in your chosen career.

We offer free personalized recommendations on how to adapt your resume to Canadian standards, as well as tips and resources about job searching for students and graduates. We share our professional connections accumulated during our 15-plus years in Canada.

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How to apply for visas or permanent residency?

Is it your goal to study or work in Canada? Would like to stay here permanently? CANPASS has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help make your Permanent Residency a reality.

CANPASS’s immigration professionals, accredited by ICCRC, are aware of important nuances that can help international students and their families make successful applications for temporary visas, study or work permits, and Express Entry.

Immigration to Canada through Express Entry depends on creating the best candidate profile. We can assess your chances and suggest ways to increase points, present an applicant’s work experience from a home country in the most accurate way, or find a close match of professional responsibilities performed in Canada with the NOC (National Occupation List).

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Fact Canada ranks as the second best place to live in the world – above the UK, the USA and Australia – Davos 2016.
Fact Canadians are happier than 90% of the people in the world – ahead of the UK and tied with the US in the poll of 143 countries – Gallup 2015.
Fact Canada has the world’s highest college graduation rates. That makes us the most educated country in the world – OECD Top 20 Project.
Fact We are big, bold, and beautiful. We border three oceans, have so many lakes and rivers that some are unmapped, and you can ski and surf outside on the same day. It’s nature at its best.
Fact We invented basketball.
Thanks you James Naismith
Fact Santa Claus is officially Canadian – 2010 Immigration ceremony with Jason Kenney. If you write to Santa Clause as the North Pole, Canada, he will write back.
Fact No need to diet. Parts of Canada have less gravity than anywhere else on the planet. Go there and you will weigh less automatically. – National Geographic.
Fact You can even be a superhero. The University of Victoria offers a Batman course.
Fact Our government has a direct line: 1 800 0 Canada.

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