Canadian Colleges

Canadian Universities

Canadian Colleges

Universities are the Elite of THE canadian educational system. They are more expensive and require a longer time commitment, but their value is unmistakable for those seeking post-secondary degrees in a variety of disciplines:

  • Canadian accreditations are well respected around the world
  • Tuition is 20-25% lower than in other English speaking countries
  • Paid internship is an important part of the curriculum


Admission to a Canadian university is very competitive. The majority of universities prefer international students who already had preliminary preparations, either in a Canadian High School or through different types of Pathways Programs.

Program Type
Foundation Year in University
9-12 months
$22,000 CAD +
Only for this university
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
6-12 months
$13,000 CAD +
All universities & colleges of Canada and the world
Pathway and Bridge Programs
2-12 months
$3,000 CAD+
For partner colleges and universities only

CANPASS strongly believes that a successful future can be built from any starting point. Achieving your goal is merely a matter of persistence. Therefore, we are constantly searching for educational opportunities for our clients regardless of language skill or financial situation.

CANPASS partners with carefully selected and researched Canadian Universities and Colleges and can help you select the best choice for your needs.

Location and Price
Preparatory courses

Brandon University

One of the oldest universities in Canada (1899), Brandon University is located in a small town not far from Winnipeg (Manitoba). According to a Maclean’s survey, Brandon is one of the most comfortable places for international students and it also provides the best value for your money. Brandon is known for its remarkable faculty to student ratio (1:11 vs.1:25 in an average Canadian University), atmosphere of friendliness, and academic integrity. This gives international students a much easier time adapting to a new environment and achieving academic success. Brandon has more than 40 academic programs, and its Music School is the best in Canada.


Brandon, Manitoba

(100 km from Winnipeg)

Price Price Price Price Price Price

from $ 8,000 CAD per academic year

optional; through a training program in Brandon or any language school partner

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Brock University

This university offers about 90 academic Bachelor and Masters programs to more than 18 thousand students. Brock has developed a unique Masters of Business Administration Program (MBA) for international students. The admission process to Brock MBA IS does not require work experience or GMAT. However, an Intensive English course is a part of the curriculum during all two years of study. To improve their likelihood of finding meaningful employment, international students can take one term of work placement. Graduates of Brock MBA IS are eligible to participate in the Ontario Provincial Nominee Immigration Program.



Niagara, Ontario

Price Price Price Price Price Price

from CAD $ 26,000 per academic year

optional; through a training program at Brock or any language school partner

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University of Manitoba

Another old university in Canada (1879) that is famous for its research programs. About 30 thousand students are working on becoming experts in more than 100 areas. More than 55% of the programs are humanities, 23% are in science and technology and 15% are in bio-medical disciplines. This university is a great choice for those who want to build a career in science and medicine. Relatively tolerant Manitoba immigration requirements allow receiving a status of permanent resident within 1-2 years after graduation


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Price Price Price Price Price Price

from CAD $ 15,000 per academic year

through the International College at the University of Manitoba or any language school partner

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York University

This is the third largest university in Canada, with 53,000 students studying at 200 academic programs. York University is the home of two outstanding professional schools – the Schulich School of Business (ranked #1 Business School in Canada by The Economist) and the Osgoode Hall Law School. York offers the best value for your money, especially if you are considering getting a Masters degree. The university significantly invests in adaptation programs for international students. You will get all the support you need to easily integrate into the student body. After graduation, you will share the Alumni list with Rachel McAdams (Notebook), Steve MacLean (Canadian astronaut), John Tory (current Mayor of Toronto) and other celebrities.



(Keel & Glendon Campuses)

Price Price Price Price Price Price

from CAD $ 21,000 per academic year

of CAD $ 21,000 per academic year through the English Language Institute at the University of York or any language school partner

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Canpass carefully selects its partners. We strongly believe that right environment is as important as a right program. Choose the most comfortable place for yourself.