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We founded CANPASS because we took this journey ourselves – and wanted to make it a better experience for others.

It’s about keeping promises. It’s about getting an education that sticks. About building a future. About working and staying and succeeding at your goals. But true success as an international student is about more than that.

It’s about making friends. About sharing and caring. It’s about learning a whole new way of life and culture and food and habits. It’s about being excited and finding freedom and independence, and, at the same time, missing everything and everyone, familiar.

Watching our clients grow and succeed in Canada is where we get our motivation. This privilege is not available to agents in your city or country. They do not get to see your successes; they do not get to support you during the everyday struggle of living in a new country.

CANPASS is first of all your support group.

The following services are most in demand by international students:

We find a homestay or book a place at a student residence for you or your child.

Living in a student residence, rented apartment or with a homestay family – CANPASS helps you understand what home to choose, how to prepare paperwork, protect your rights, and build a relationship with your landlord.

Need accommodation or looking for a roommate?

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For minor international students, a custodian is the most important person in Canada until they turn 18 (19 in British Columbia). We will find a reliable person to be the caring custodian of your child.

With CANPASS you can be confident that your child is protected while living away from home. A Custodianship Declaration is a document required for any type of Visa application meant for a child that is traveling without parents. Your child will receive 24/7 emergency contact, emotional and academic support, and help with their everyday routine.

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Airport Reception

Your life in Canada begins with that moment.

As a rule, other agencies charge $120(meeting)/$80(drop off) for this service. CANPASS meets its students at the airport free of charge. In some cases, we can also offer storage for luggage while a student is visiting his/her home country.

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Resume Support

A resume that is created according to Canadian standards is the minimum requirement for a successful job search.

CANPASS often provides employment support to international students and is able to edit your resume and advise you on your job search.

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Do you need career advice in Canada? – Go to the Job & Career section in our blog.

Sharing Connections

Our connections are working for you: tutors, real estate agents, doctors and dentists, psychologists, and accountants – if you need an expert on living in Canada, we have a phone number or two.

CANPASS is in contact with ethnic diaspora in Canada. Together we celebrate passing exams and graduations, Canada Day , New Years, Easter and Nauryz, and we meet for coffee or take advantage of group discounts to discover Canada.

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Student Price Card

All CANPASS clients have a 10-15% discount on many favourite brands.

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CANPASS considers itself a success when students fully adapt to life in Canada. When we see that they’ve made new friends or are discussing new places and new food, then we know that tolerant and multicultural Canada is no longer a foreign place to them.

A new life in Canada inspires our students with independence and teaches them responsibility at the same time. They grow before our very eyes: whether they are 12 or 32 year old. They learn to climb the mountain of life.

Our task is simply to support them.