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in Canada

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There are many options for students looking to study internationally. But faced with so many country and program choices, institutions, and career paths, how do you know what’s right?

It’s a big step. A big investment. A big commitment. And when so many educational and immigration consultants are promising to make your dreams come true, who do you choose to help you with these life-changing decisions?

Dreams are often not reality. Many students and their families get caught up in promises and let down in the experience. But your future can be assured and you can enjoy the experience of achieving it, while having the freedom of choice and lifestyle with all of the safety, comfort and support of home.

We understand that because we’ve done it. We made the journey, and we’ve succeeded.

By choosing Canada, you select more than just a country that offers a top-rank global education. You choose a better future:

  • You save money, as education in Canada is more affordable than that in other English speaking countries.
  • You can support yourself as Canada provides international students with opportunities to work and earn during study and after graduation.
  • Canadian immigration policy allows you to stay in Canada permanently, and in about 8-10 years, to sponsor parents.
  • True bilingualism (knowledge of English and French) will benefit students who aspire to launch international careers and become citizens of the world.


We understand that it takes a community to help a student succeed. We have that. And we share it.