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Globally, business and diplomacy are handled primarily in English and French, both official languages of Canada. You need to know one of them to study, work, and immigrate to Canada. If you are bilingual, you will gain an undeniable competitive advantage over other applicants for jobs and permanent status in Canada.

Common in Europe, bilingualism or trilingualism are also a norm in Canada. More than 200 world languages are spoken In Canada, while 20% of Canadian families speak at least two languages every day.

"What is your level of English or French?" is one of the first questions we ask our clients. It is not a problem if you are not fluent at this point. We believe that true confidence in speaking foreign languages comes from immersion in foreign cultures. CANPASS can always help you find the optimal language program in Canada to improve your English or French.

Studying foreign languages through immersion is well known for helping students to remove barriers to public speaking, polish pronunciation or clarify commonly used phrases. From our own experience, we know that several weeks of attending an ESL/ FSL program or a summer school in Canada benefits our students far more than a year of language courses or private tutoring back home.

Canpass is selective in choosing its partners. We believe that the environment is as important as a well-prepared program curriculum. We try to find a language course that is comfortable in addition to meeting your expectations.