Ontario Colleges: changes to Fall & Winter study semesters


All students studying in Ontario colleges right now or starting their studies in January 2018 already were updated on the new dates of Fall and Winter semesters caused by the recent college faculty strike. The changes are now posted on websites and social media of all Ontario colleges, and with a delayed start of winter study term, the deadlines to pay tuition are also extended to December. This is something POSITIVE.

NOW, something IMPORTANT:

Some students are considering an option to withdraw from Fall 2017 term altogether and receive a full refund. Although it could be a possible path for some students with lower grades in the first half of the fall term, or those with prior commitments, we don’t see in our practice, a lot of interest to drop courses as for international students the implications are not only on financial, but also on the immigration status front. It is important to verify before making a decision to withdraw from fall term that the same courses are being offered in Winter term, otherwise, students may need to defer their studies to Fall 2018. For majority of international students, this is not an acceptable outcome, as soon as they withdraw from full-time, they loose their Student Permit status and remain only temporary residents (without the right to work) in Canada till they resume their full-time studies.

In any scenario, we encourage students to first seek advice from the faculty or international student centers of your college, attend informational seminars or simply contact us to get assistance with any matters in your individual case: contact@canpassgroup.com