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Private Schools

Attending a reputable Canadian private secondary school is the ultimate way to get an assured university acceptance. In the province of Ontario, students are granted an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which is accepted by all universities in Europe and North America.

OSSD gives international students some important advantages: you do not need to take a (Foundation Year) and you will have better chances to receive scholarships or grants.

Braemer College

Braemar College is a private secondary school that offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma program, a range of short-term high school exchange programs, as well as college and university preparation programs. This school accepts local and international students, making your adaptation to Canadian life easier and more fun. Braemer has a partnership and joined Scholarships with four major universities in Ontario.

Accomodation Homestay (with a Canadian family)
Map downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto’s campus
Price from $1,610 CAD per course (From $12,800 CAD per academic year)

Can School Canadian Learning Centre (Can School)

This school offers the opportunity to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma online. You can stay in your home country and work on your local and Canadian high school diplomas at the same time. This is the most affordable option. This school is accredited and fully licensed in Canada and Ukraine.

Accomodation comfort of your own home
Map Multiple; Head Office – Kiev, Ukraine
Price from $2,660 CAD per term

Columbia International College (CIC)

The largest private junior and senior boarding school in Canada. This schools’ unique Total Care Education System accommodates the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of international students from more than 70 countries. Graduates of CIC are eligible to a number of joined Scholarships and Awards between CIC and its partner colleges and universities across Canada.

Accomodation Full Board (student residency)
Map Hamilton, Ontario (80 km West of Toronto)
Price from $ 2,400 CAD per course (from $ 12,500 CAD per academic year)

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