Scholarships for international students in Canada: who gets them?


Financing of education abroad is extremely important task that majority of parents of international students have to face. Tuition at Canadian college or university is not cheap, and to many international students seems unfairly high in comparison to the domestic students, we always support potential clients who seek opportunities to reduce the price tag on tuition. In our practice, it often happens that the very students, who are active in their own research on financing options, scholarships, grants, are exactly the types of students who qualify for bursaries and stipends. The most inquiring and active applicants have often good evidence that they deserve that extra boost in pursuing their education abroad.

What is important for a successful scholarship application? Academic performance, that is good grades or GPA, is necessary but not the only factor that college admissions and universitie’ scholarship committees are looking for. Volunteering (a normal practice for Canadian high school graduates), active lifestyle and social position, participation in sports and proven leadership experiences, supported by reference letters from teachers, coaches and mentors are the key factors that help applicants to stand out.

We always stay updated on the scholarship opportunities offered by Canadian colleges and universities, advise our clients how to prepare and help with writing and submitting a successful scholarship application.