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Canada is one of the easiest developed countries to access through immigration, and education is key to that. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is the most popular, but just one of the immigration programs available for students.

Accredited by ICCRC, immigration specialists of CANPASS Group will assist with the preparation of documents for any type of visa or other immigration application, for students already in Canada and those just starting to plan their education here.

Obtaining permanent resident (PR) status in any highly developed democratic country depends mostly on how current and deep an applicant’s knowledge is of the rules and regulations of the country of choice as well as on adequate assessment of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. The validity (accuracy) of the information you base your immigration decisions on will often determines the success rate of the entire undertaking.


Temporary Resident Visa

TRV = aka Visitor or Tourist Visa

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TRV is granted to applicants with well-demonstrated reasons to visit Canada for a term of up to six months. Some examples include short-term French or English language studies, participation in summer camps, cultural events and programs or other types of organized tourism, business trips or conferences, exploration visits for entrepreneurs, or simply to visit relatives or friends.

Depending on the applicant’s presented motivation to visit, immigration officers issue TRVs for a single or multiple entries. There are nuances to watch out for in the validity of the temporary visas, visitor records and their extensions. This type of visa does not allow working in Canada.


Study Permit

Study Рermit = aka Student Visa

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Study permits are needed for those who plan to study in Canada for a period longer than six months at a Designated Learning Institution or a primary/secondary school. The study program could be for language (does not allow working in Canada) or professional training (work is allowed up to 20 hours a week during study terms and full-time during academic breaks).

Just enrolling in a college or a school in Canada does not guarantee that an applicant will receive a Study Permit. Approval rates vary from country to country, and depend on numerous factors. CANPASS professionals have extensive experience analyzing individual cases in order to develop a strategy to successfully apply for Study permits or Study permit extensions.



PGWP = aka Graduate Work Visa

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This privilege is only given to graduates of Canadian Colleges and Universities. This is the most lenient way to get a Work Visa in Canada, because an employer who is willing to hire a foreign student/graduate does NOT need to receive approval from the Canadian government to do this.

Otherwise, an employer has to prove that there aren’t any qualified Canadians to fill the position. PGWP can be granted for the length of the study program plus anywhere from 90 days to three years. No other English-speaking country makes such a generous offer. For example, Australia issues 18 month work visa and has mandatory medical insurance and police checks.

We advise our students on how and when to apply to PGWP, so they can prepare in advance. The timing of the PGWP application is an important part of the applicant’s immigration strategy.



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Rate your chances

In 2015, the Canadian immigration system was revised in such a way that now only international graduates of Canadian colleges and universities and foreign workers with Canadian experience can realistically score high enough to be selected from the Express Entry pool of candidates. These candidates form a special class of PR applicants, Canadian Experience Stream.

Having a high level of English or French language skills and having experience from their home country increases the rank of a candidate’s Express Entry profile and their likelihood of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA). This is the last stage of the lengthy process of becoming a Canadian resident, and we know how to help you score higher on CRS. CANPASS guides clients from start to finish: we assess chances and develop our client’s immigration profile well in advance, often at the phase of enrolling into a Language School. We navigate the process through their study and work to creation of an Express Entry profile.


By 2022 Canada aims to double the number of International students. In 2016, IRCC added more points for international students graduating from Canadian colleges and universities. All students can work during studies, can invite their family members, spouses of international students can also work on Open Work Permits (Red Mitten), while kids can attend a Canadian school free of charge. The period of study will be accounted for toward the Citizenship time requirement.

CANPASS is always straightforward with its clients about the realities of Canadian labour market and its trends so future students know whether some professions will “work” for Immigration (accurate matching of a job with NOC code). We also never sugar-coat the fact that their first Canadian job will differ from the work they have been doing in their home country.

For those who have successfully adapted to the new world, Canada offers a completely new life. We try to always keep the interests and needs of our students’ families in mind when developing a plan for immigration and settlement in Canada.

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